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Wide development of modern achievements and values in the field of education in the preparation of working specialties.

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Introduction of new learning technologies, Informatization of technical and vocational, post-secondary education, the conclusion of the international global communication system.

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Schedule of lessons for the ІІ half of the 2019/2020 academic year

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MKKK "Karakiya vocational College" invites For the 2016-2017 academic year, applicants are enrolled in full-time training in the following specialties within the framework of the primary school (grade 9) simultaneously with obtaining secondary education in these specialties:

At the expense of the Republican budget:

1201000 "repair of motor Transport, maintenance and operation"
2 120107 "Adjuster of electric equipment, electrician on repair of electric equipment of Cars"
120107 2 " mechanic on repair of the Car»

1211000 sewing production and modeling of clothes
121103 2 Tailor

0508000 catering
050801 2 cook

At the expense of the local budget:

1114000 Welding business (by types)
111401 2 Welder (all names))

1304000 "Computer hardware and software"
1304043 " Technician-programmer»

1103000 "Maintenance of mechanisms of shipbuilding and ship machines"
110313 2 " Ship Repairman-welder»





– Application; – original document on training,

– copy in 2 copies;

– medical certificate (f.086-u,); vaccination book (f.

-Copy of passport or birth certificate in 2 copies;

– certificate of residence;

– certificate of payment for parents ‘work;

– photo 3×4 (4 pieces);

– copy of parents’ passport ;

– if Oralman-oralman 2018

Reception of documents 20.06.2018 g. 20.08.2018 g. to
contact phone: 8 72937 2-12-94; 8 72937 2-24-08; 87783871700; 87 7015951830; 87013006582;


Admission Rules:

1. The main concepts The following concepts are used in the regulations of the state service “Acceptance and acceptance of documents in the educational organizations performing training in technical and vocational education programs” (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations):

1) identity document – a document of the established form issued by the relevant authorized body confirming the identity of the citizen at arrival in various legal relations;

2) legitimate representatives of the child – parents (parent), adoptive parents, custodians or guardians, patronage nurses and other substitutes who are responsible for care, education, upbringing, protection of their rights and interests in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan individuals.

2. General provisions

1. The state service is approved by the order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from August 31, 2012 of No. 1119 “About approval of standards of the state service in the sphere of education and science, rendered by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, local executive bodies” to the standard of the state service “Acceptance and admission to training organizations” (further – the Standard).

2. Public service is provided by educational organizations of technical and vocational education (further – organizations of technical and vocational education).

3. Form of the state service rendered: not automated.

4. The state service is provided by the order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from January 19, 2012 of No. 130 “About approval of Standard rules of admission to the educational organizations, implementing the vocational training programs of technical and vocational education” and Article 26 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan from July 27, (hereinafter referred to as the Model Rules).

5. The result of completing the public service is a motivated response to a general order of admission or refusal to provide services.

6. Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens and stateless persons, having a basic general (general), general secondary (general), technical and vocational (primary vocational, professional), post-secondary, higher (professional) higher education, (hereinafter – the recipient of the state service).

3. Requirements to the order of rendering the state service

7. Detailed information on the procedure of rendering the state service is placed on the stands of Internet-resources and foyers of VET organizations, as well as on the official websites of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (www.edu.gov.kz), akimats, Mangistau region Education Department.

8. Terms of rendering of the state service:

1) from the moment of receipt by the recipient of the required documents, defined by paragraph 14 of the present Regulations, during the period of documents acceptance – not more than 60 minutes;

2) from the moment of application for receiving the state service – from the date of receipt of the application to the period of admission to the list of students determined by the Model Rules by August 30, by correspondence form to September 30;

3) not later than one week from the date of registration of the documents, the admission committee notifies applicants for admission to the entrance examinations.

9. Public service:

1) full-time education – from June 20 to August 20;

2) evening and part-time forms of education – from June 20 to September 20;

3) arts and culture specialties from June 20 to July 20. The entrance exams will be held from August 1 to August 28, evening and part-time education from August 1 to September 25, for art and culture specialties or creative exams from July 21 Admission to full-time tuition by the educational programs of technical and vocational education – from 25 August to 30 August, evening and at ttay form of training is carried out from September 15 to September 30;

2) with lunch break from 9.00 to 18.00, excluding weekends and holidays, in accordance with the established working schedule;

3) reception is carried out in the order of queue without preliminary notice and urgent service.

10. Failure to submit a complete package of all necessary documents specified in paragraph 14 of the present Regulations is a ground for refusal in the provision of public services, and the reasons for the refusal are in writing.

11. The stage of rendering of the state service from the moment of receipt of the request from the recipient of the state service to the moment of rendering of the state service results of rendering of the state service:

1) the applicant receives an application for technical and vocational education;

2) The office of the technical and vocational education institution records the received documents and sends them to the organization’s headquarters and receives a receipt in accordance with Appendix 1 to the receipt of all documents to the service recipient, where:

– date and number of the application;

– surname, name and patronymic of the selection committee member;

3) The management of the T & PE organization carries out familiarization with the submitted documents and directs them to the responsible executor of the VET;

4) The responsible executor of the technical and vocational education agency considers the received documents and prepares a draft notification to the service recipient and sends it to the headquarters of the VET.

5) The office of T & PE organization provides the results of the state service to the recipient.

12. The smallest number of persons making document acceptance for public service is one employee whose number is determined by the number of potential service providers residing in any settlement, as well as by weekly and daily work schedules of technical and vocational education organizations.

4. Description of the procedure (interaction) of the process of rendering the state service

13. To receive the state service recipients of the state service provide the following documents:

1) Identity document;

2) education documents (original);

3) an application for admission to the educational organization;

4) medical certificate in form 086-У (appendix of medico-social examination for invalids of I and II groups and invalids from childhood) with picture of fluorography;

5) 4 photographs 3х4. Documents, certifying the identity of the civil servant, are presented by the legal representatives personally. The document, which identifies the status of foreigners and stateless persons,

1) foreign – foreigner’s residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2) a stateless person – a certificate of a stateless person;

3) refugee – a refugee certificate;

4) asylum – a certificate of asylum seeker;

5) Oralman – oralman’s certificate. Applications received from enrollment are registered in the registration forms of educational institutions in the form of training. Certificate of comprehensive testing (last year’s graduates participating in complex testing for admission to higher educational institutions) or UNT results graduates who took part in the test) are exempted from entrance exams and are admitted to the competition in accordance with the requirements of the Model Rules.

14. The application form for the public service is placed in the foyer of the educational institution, as well as from the specialists of the admissions office of the educational institution.

15. The application, as well as all necessary documents, shall be handed over to the selection committee of the educational organization.

16. Transfer of results of the state service to the recipient of the state service is carried out with the personal participation of the recipient (legal representative) of the state service.

17. The following structural and functional units are involved in the process of rendering the state service (hereinafter – SFU):

1) T & PE organizations;

2) management of organizations of technical and vocational education;

3) responsible executive of organizations of technical and vocational education.

18. The text table description of the interaction and sequence of each SFU administrative action (procedure), specifying the timeframe for each administrative action (procedure) is provided in Annex 1 to this Regulation.

19. The scheme of functional interaction is provided in Annex 2 to these Regulations.

5. Responsibility of government officials

20. Head of T & PE organizations (hereinafter – officials) is responsible for the provision of public services. Officials are responsible for the implementation of public services within the deadlines established by the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.